Repair & Service

We are more than 25 years old in this segment. At Sai Tool Tech Enterprise, Repair & Service are our topmost priority to deliver what our clients need for their uninterrupted operation. From picking up the cutters & tools, resharpening & reconditioning it to delivering finally repaired products back to the clients’ premises, we are bound to serve you. Our Clients are mostly from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Banglore & Kerala.

Our workshop is equipped with Automatic as well as Manual types of sharpening & grinding machinery to achieve the best combination of accuracy & rapidness. Our skilled workers are experienced & qualified to get the work done easily.

Here is the list of Services we offer to our clients:

Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Service

We collect used saw blades from clients and resharpen & recondition the tungsten carbide teeth just like new blades.

Circular Saw Blade Sharpening: Inside Grinding

Sharpening & Grinding Jobs include Inside Grinding and Top Grinding as per the respective tooth geometry of Circular Saw Blades.

Circular Saw Blade Sharpening: Top Grinding

Circular Saw Blade Brazing Service

Brazing new Tungsten Carbide teeth by replacing old broken teeth is one of our top liked services. We use Tungsten Carbide Tip from German Company to offer our clients the best quality service.

Circular Saw Blade Brazing

End Mill Sharpening Service

We sharpen all types of bits and cutters – from End Mills, Drill bits to Router bits.

End Mill Sharpening

Industrial Knife Sharpening Service

We sharpen all types of Industrial Knives – from Circular Knives, Shearing Blades, Slitting & Rotary Knives, Planer Blades which are mostly used in Paper, Plastic, Adhesive Tapes, Laminate & Plywood industries. Professional sharpening can bring Industrial knives back to life if they aren’t as sharp as they were when they were new. Even the dullest knife may be sharpened back to its original cutting edge.

Industrial Knife Sharpening: Circular Knife

Pick-up & Delivery Service

We operate a weekly pick-up and delivery service in Gujarat. Maximum coverage to North, South & Center Gujarat. Our clients from out of Gujarat State send their Cutters & Tools through Courier and we deliver them after servicing within a week.

Give us a try. We won’t let you down, as we haven’t since 25 years who trusted us.