Tungsten Carbide Tipped(TCT) Saws

We are one of the leading Indian manufacturer and supplier of Circular Saw Blades for industrial grade quality.

We offer free expert technical advice to our clients to assist in choosing the right saw blade as per their requirements.

To offer maximum adhesion we have in-house advanced brazing method in which we offer brazing of tips with combination of Silver+Brass braze. To ensure exceptionally smooth finish for less chip resistance and faster cutting we use fine diamond grit grinding wheel.

We select the quality body materials that offers toughness and resilience supporting the carbide under heavy load. To give ideal performance at running speeds, we ensure the blades are levelled and tensioned.

The tooth geometry is designed to suit the application with positive or negative rake angles, triple chip and chip breakers. We have a range of standard tooth geometry’s or can produce a custom design to suit customer requirements.

List of TCT Saws We Offer

Wood Cutting

General Purpose
Thin Teak Wood Cutting
Multi-Rip with Rakers
Multi-Rip Anti-Kick Back
Rip & Crosscut

Panel Processing

Fine Cut-off for Two-sided Melamine
Panel Sizing
Adjustable/Conical Scoring for Panel
Beam Saw
Conical Scoring for Beam Saw
Edge Bender
U-PVC Door & Window
Acrylic & Poly Glass
PVC/CPVC Plastic Cutting

Non Ferrous Metal

Non-Ferrous Solid Bar Rod Cutting
Non-Ferrous Profile Cutting
Aluminium Riser Cutting
Copper Extrusion
Brass Extrusion
Battery Plate & Silicon Plate
Steel Alloy

Other Brands of TCT Saws We Deal-in